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       The General Council receives the group “the Saturday soup” at rue Haxo !

Sr. Marie-Madeleine, involved in the group “Saturday Soup”, prepares meals every week, from December to March, with a group of volunteers who help people living in precarious situations. The “guests” enjoy a hot meal offered with care and generosity.
At the end of the season, this group of volunteers was invited to Haxo Street to share a meal and for a time of exchange. The whole community was present at this gathering of about 15 people.
It was an opportunity to get to know each other and to discuss our respective missions. The guests were interested in getting to know religious life better : questions on our times of prayer and especially on our way of living !

Our guests very much appreciated this time of fraternity and everyone left with a few strands of the flower “lily of the valley” and the pamphlet “Daily meditations with Angélique Le Sourd”.
It was a beautiful evening of sharing and mutual acquaintance where we discovered the joy of giving and the gratuitous love offered to our brothers and sisters in need.
The next day everyone sent a message of thanks for this wonderful evening with the community.

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