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“As apostolic religious, our work is a privileged means for evangelization. We have a constant concern for the development of persons and are especially attentive to those who are not aware of the presence of the love of God in their lives.” (CC. 59)

The mission of Mount Sacred Heart School is derived from the history of its founders, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Animated by the zealous spirit of our Founding Sisters, we carry out the SSCJ mission : “to make known to all the tenderness and merciful love of the Father revealed in Jesus.”
The story of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the USA/Mexico had its beginning in 1903 when the first five French Sisters courageously accepted an obedience to leave family, homeland, culture, language, and customs in order to spread the seed of our Charism to the United States, arriving in San Antonio, Texas. Today, we live the original inspiration of our Foundress, Angélique Le Sourd, who sat at the foot of a tree gathering the children to pray and to teach them the life and teachings of Jesus, intent “on reviving the faith and restoring moral values”.
Not long after the first Sisters in Texas had moved into their newly constructed convent in 1928, neighbors from the surrounding dairy farms asked the Sisters to open a “little” school for their young children. In 1929, under the leadership of Sister Rose of Lima Gonzalez, one of the first native vocations, the Sisters responded to the call to educate little children. This was the beginning of what is known today as Mount Sacred Heart School. For over 80 years, the School has provided a high quality Catholic education to children in the early formative stages of human development and faith formation from ages 3 to 14.
“Mount Sacred Heart” is a private Catholic School operated in the spirit and tradition of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who are called to witness the tenderness and compassion of the Heart of Christ. We seek the full development of a student’s spiritual and academic potential, fostering hearts capable of leadership and service.
As other educational institutes in the USA founded by religious orders, we make a concerted effort to sustain and keep alive the legacy of Mount Sacred Heart School in the spirit and tradition of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart by sharing our story, our mission, and our vision to be the Heart of God in the world through the po-wer of our loving active presence.
My role as ’Mission Effectiveness Director’ is to work collaboratively within the school community to preserve its Catholic identity, as well as the Sisters of the Sacred-Heart of Jesus tradition and our belief in promoting human dignity. Mission Effectiveness concerns itself with the integration of the SSCJ Charism and Mission so that it permeates every facet of the School.
At the beginning of each academic year and throughout the year, days of reflection and formation are set aside to develop a greater awa-reness of and appreciation for the history, heritage, and values of the SSCJ as the underpinning of the School’s mission. All teachers new to the school are given an orientation session on the story of the SSCJ and the rich heritage of the School. All teachers and staff members participate in days of reflection on the SSCJ Charism and Mission and the historical settings that energize our identity as SSCJ. It is important to foster a sense of partnership whereby faculty and staff see themselves as partners in the mission of the SSCJ and the teaching ministry of the
School. T
The Feast of the Congregation, April 25th, is marked as “heritage day” to recall the

vibrant legacy passed on by generations of Sisters who sacrificed and gave their lives in faithfulness to the Mission of the School. New families are also invited to attend mission awareness presentations to learn more about the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and how to effectively integrate the mission of Mount Sacred Heart. Parent leaders, Student leaders, and the Board of Directors, responsible for the governance of the School, are also provided orientation and days of retreat so that all practices and activities of the school are mission-driven and aligned with the Core Values of the School : community, compassion, integrity, and service.
This year, we have chosen as our school project the core value of “service”. Through prayer and reflection on the Gospel call to service, the school community has participated in service projects that protect the integrity of creation and promote human dignity.
Most recently, the school established the “Sisters of the Sacred Heart Tuition Assistance Fund” as an emergency tuition relief to assist families facing a sudden or unexpected financial crisis. This Fund is a commitment made by MSH School to ensure that the mission of the Sisters is carried on to its students and families so that ALL can benefit from our mission to “witness the tender and compassionate love of the Sacred Heart through ex-cellence in education”.
Today, Mount Sacred Heart School continues to build on its rich history of integrating quality education with a strong faith foundation that enables students to become active leaders in the roles of service in the Church and society for the building of God’s Kingdom. The heart of Mission Effectiveness is to ensure that the Mission of Mount Sacred Heart School becomes more and more the message of God’s tenderness and compassion we seek to announce.
Sister Elizabeth Ann Vasquez, (Province of U.S.A./Mexico)


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