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The October 2017 Council of Congregation was an opportunity to live an intense process of reflection and discernment. At the end of this international, spiritual experience we can keep the little word "go" to inspire our actions. Often used in the Bible when vocations and "being sent" are talked about, this verb has within it at least three meanings.

- In "go", there is primarily the idea of goal : go towards what ? “Go towards mission … the workers are few”. Throughout all of our deliberations and projections for the future, we were aware of our small numbers. But this is not an obstacle, if we believe Jesus. It seems to have been like that since the beginning : the workers are few in comparison with the task to be accomplished. "Go to mission" might mean, "don’t forget the goal of all your reflections, decisions, planning, and structures : the mission !"

- In "go", there is also the notion of movement, of progress. "Go !" might mean move forward, make progress in your reflections, in your decisions, don’t turn around in circles for forty years like the Hebrews in the desert. Take steps forward. Make decisions. Move ahead. Don’t step backwards. 

- In "go", we finally have the notion of risk. We hear about sheep and wolves in the Gospel. There are real dangers : Jesus is aware of this. We could be attacked, eaten, devoured… "Go !" might mean : dare, take risks, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of anything, not even failure.

We are on the move : the desire to make progress as an international congregation is gaining strength, even if there are enormous challenges. To enter into a movement inspired by the Holy Spirit, we need to keep in mind that quality discernment must be at the foundation of all our decisions : the small daily decisions that each member and community take (these are micro-decisions), like the big decisions that come out of a Council of Congregation or that are made by a Chapter (these are macro-decisions).

Our desires are often audacious. Our decision-making process is sometimes more timid. Never forget that micro-decisions prepare macro-decisions. Learning to make healthy decisions on a daily, personal and community level prepares us to risk the big decisions when the time comes. This was the case for Angélique : the greatness of her heroism flowered from her acts of tenderness and mercy, done humbly and often in a hidden way, one day at a time. 
Like Angélique, the Lord is telling us once again, "go !" Don’t lose sight of the goal. Move forward. Don’t be afraid !

Sr. Anne Chapell - Angelica n°39 - November 2017

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