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       Echoes of the visit to the Province of USA/MEXICO


My first visit to the Province of the USA/Mexico, from August 4th to 24th, 2015, was a real joy, as was working with the Provincial Council : Sr. Cornelia Knezek, Provincial Superior, Sr. Elizabeth Ann Vasquez, Assistant Provincial, and Sr. Frances Alemán, Provincial Councillor.

There are 34 sisters in the province, living in six communities, one of which is in two places. Of the 34 sisters, 7 are living in nursing homes.

One of the characteristics of this province is its commitment to interculturality. Several sisters from this Entity are present in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Generalate, and, very soon, in Nigeria.

The visit was divided into four different moments :

1. A visit to Mexico City with Sr. Elizabeth Ann Vasquez and Sr. Margarita Hernández with the purpose of studying the issues concerning the SSCJ presence in Mexico.

2. A participation in the National Assembly of the LCWR that took place in Houston (with 800 women religious assisting from the USA and elsewhere)

3. A visit to the different communities in San Antonio and Houston

4. A two day assembly of the Province and meetings with the Provincial Council, without forgetting the jubilee celebration that took place on August 22nd for Sr. Anthony Ebell, Sr. Mary Claude Gadd and myself : 75, 60 and 25 years of religious life !

This visit was also an occasion to enter into a process of community discernment on five major questions : the future of the mission in Mexico, vocations, the associates, the future of Mount Sacred Heart School, and the housing of the sisters.

I would like to thank each sister for her active participation, and Sr. Cornelia and her Council for their very efficient organization of events. The warmth of the climate was more than matched by the enthusiastic welcome of the sisters.

Sr. Anne Chapell - Angelica n°17 - September 2015

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