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       Camel or rope ?

For many, September means classes will be starting … School is a place for learning many new and varied things. Now, what is the greatest way to learn if not from one’s mistakes ? Yet there are some mistakes that can lead us to err for a long time, as the camel in the desert. It can be the smallest of errors, like a simple mix-up of vowels. Like the translator of sacred texts who confused an i for an e, maybe because he stayed up too late in the light of a smoking candle. In short, the kamilos (rope, cable) turned into a kamelos (camel). While we find it unbelievable that anyone would attempt to pass a camel through the eye of a needle, we can better understand that it is impossible to thread a rope through a needle’s eye. It is a question of proportions. The error made by the sleepy writer with reddened eyes made our imaginations work hard for centuries, creating sympathy for the hesitant camel in front of the notorious needle. I can relate to our unfortunate copyist when I have to write words in Malagasy : already with the second syllable, mistakes are just waiting to happen !

Fortunately, the Sisters of Madagascar decided to open a school in Ambositra to clear up all kinds of confusion and to encourage the search for what is good, beautiful, and true. By a true miracle of solidarity, they have transformed uncultivated land into a place of cultural learning. In fact, where there was once a wooded area of eucalyptus trees, there now stands an orderly set of brand-new school buildings. It is a miracle of mutual assistance thanks to various donors. With faith, courage and perseverance, all is possible : that has been the experience of the Malagasy sisters. It may well be that our little camel actually passes through the eye of the needle ! But shush … 
Let us listen to the teaching sister from Sacred Heart School. Classes will begin soon in Ambositra ! 

Sr. Anne Chapell - Angelica n°47 - September 2018

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